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Offering Professional Empowerment Mentoring and Intuitive Angel Reading Services

What We Offer

Stepping Into the Magic of Mentorship

Has the time come where you desire to grow your own medicine and work with new tools? Have you always wanted to learn the magic of empowerment? Well, here is your chance!

At Angel Magic Mysteries, we provide intuitive and spiritually guided mentoring services. These can be held one-on-one or virtually, depending on the needs, comfort level and keeping with the guidelines of AHS. We will be exploring and working with many healing modalities, depending what spirit brings forth.

As we are in an intimate setting, where deep discussion will be encouraged, expect the unexpected.

 For further information, please contact us by email at or by phone at 780-298-4679. Please note that we also offer intuitive angel or tarot reading services. 


Intuitive/Angel Readings

We love the season of miracles. The more we recognize the magic, the more we experience more of it! Well, we want to share a little magic with you all. This year has taught us very much through many magical sources, which we bring back to all of you during our sessions together.

Here is a little tidbit of magic for you all. Part of the teaching completed is a full year of MoonLodge, plus an intensive weekend in this modality, which has deepened our own journeys! What does this mean for you? It means that our time together will allow us to go deeper into your own life path because of the beautiful understanding of how the moon affects our world and guides us to further healing.

What does a session look Iike? As we have stepped into the return of the darkness, it is a powerful time to look within. What are our bodies and minds trying to tell us? Are we accessing our best selves as we are soon to leave the season of light? Why do we need to stay grounded over the next few months?

Healing is never easy. Sometimes, the journey can be overwhelming. Maybe you need that gentle nudge from the spirits to help you take that first step. Maybe you need to just breathe. What a perfect time to receive messages from your guides and us!


We truly love the universe, our guides and angels, and all our ancestors who continually align the stars for the greatest good of all! We have met so many incredible humans in the last few weeks who have imprinted their authentic beauty on our hearts! Our souls thank you all for trusting us with all that you are.

Our offerings of intuitive/angel/tarot card readings will be offered throughout the upcoming season of darkness and beyond! As we are beginning to dance with the moon and sun, the energies are strong and the messages are clear! We are stepping slowly into the magic of a moon and embracing the magic of our upcoming season of darkness.

Is your soul yearning for guidance? Are you ready for a little Angel Magic? Are you at a crossroads and ready to embrace you? Well, let us support your journey! We have been reading for more than 35 years and now we have a message just for you! We offer:

    • Couples' Angel Readings
    • Mother-Daughter Readings
    • Girls' Night Out
    • Goddess Nights
    • Individual Readings
    • Gift Certificates for Special Occasions 

Have you ever wanted to know or been curious about what a reading experience with us would be like? Let us share a little of what we have learned. Healing needs to happen in the subconscious. That is where all the programming, conditioning, patterns, and beliefs are stored. Many people do not allow their own inner access to the subconscious.

Why? This is because many are so attached to their minds. During healing sessions and card readings, we work with our spirit guides to help your beautiful soul go deeper into the subconscious. This brings us to the conscious mind, the things that need to be healed. This also allows a connection to form between your conscious and subconscious.

We sometimes have things buried so deep in our subconscious that it actually does not make sense to the conscious mind. This is where the deep healing lays. In connecting these dots, we go through the surface layers of the mind and go within and connect to the self.

We truly love the messages and healing that our gifts bring to others on a daily basis. We are very grateful to be given the gift of supporting others on their journey to emotional healing. We also know that sometimes, we are just a stepping stone to help others find another healer, mentor, or soul tribe member who will help them on your journey.

Whatever your path is, we are honored and humbled to help. If you wish to connect, email us at or text us at 780-298-4679, and we will make it happen!

Your investment of $50.00 will get you started on your journey with a mini-reading. A full session is $100.00 and may include various modalities. Come with an open heart and mind and watch the miracles happen! We accept payments through PayPal, EFT, cash, and Visa and MasterCard credit cards. Payments can be made to and the password is "Purple."

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